You can freeze eggs !?

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Good Morning friends, I hope this finds you well. 

I was inundated with messages after I posted on my Instagram story the other night about freezing our excess chook eggs.

So I thought I’d share on Facebook also & answer the questions to help you if I can! The post went crazy, it seems something as simple as freezing eggs can cause quite a stir! 

At the moment I’m getting 12-16 eggs a day. With a family of 6 & regular visitors we do go through a fair few eggs but every now & then I get a few too many piled up & naturally I don’t want them wasted.

I try & sell some (for $ for feed) and give some away but most people we know also have chooks so don’t want / need them. My dogs get 1 a day each too! 

So a couple of years back I looked into what I can do with extra eggs. Turns out you can freeze them!

It’s absolutely wonderful for when my chooks go completely off the lay in Winter! Last winter I had a good stock pile in the freezer and therefore hardly bought any. 

The basics. Info from myself from what I do plus I will share what others have mentioned on FB that may be of interest. 

* I freeze my eggs either in single lots (see pic) or I freeze them in lots of 12 (the amount I regularly use for scrambled eggs or a frittata)

* Single – CRACK 1 egg into each large ice cube tray. Freeze overnight (they really only take about 6 hours) then pop out of the moulds & place them in a container / bag to live in the freezer. You can leave them in the mould but I use my moulds a fair bit so prefer to do it this way. Single eggs are great for cakes, brekky etc. NOTE: I know the picture looks like the eggs are in their shells and then in water but they are not! What you are seeing in this photo is egg yolk and egg whites. 

* Multiple lots – as I say, I do 12 but you can the amount you prefer & use regularly. Just crack the eggs into a clip lock bag or container & freeze.

* Defrost eggs at room temp before using. This will depend on the weather. If it’s super hot where you are then perhaps defrost in fridge overnight. We don’t generally have this issue in Tasmania!

* I’ll keep eggs in my freezer for up to 6 months Others have mentioned they do so for up to 12 months. 

* I’ve not found any difference in noticing the quality of the eggs after freezing & defrosting. The only exception to this ‘might’ be if you want to do ‘sunny side up’ eggs & how the yolks turn out – although this could be my imagination!

* From a COTC friend – whisk eggs lightly with a fork before freezing as it makes the yolks freeze nicer

* From a COTC friend – frozen egg whites make perfect meringues

* From a COTC friend – this is great to do when travelling in a caravan, we always have singe eggs frozen like this in our freezer

* From a COTC friend – an elderly person gave me the tip to freeze eggs with a pinch of salt for savoury and a pinch of sugar for sweet – make sure they are labelled correctly 

* There was a concern about Salmonella on a TV program when talking about this. My opinion. I have been doing this for years (and I know others have also) with no issues. Just like handling chicken, you need to freeze, defrost and / or cook properly. I am not saying eat the eggs raw, I’m suggesting to stop food waste and freeze excess eggs. I imagine most city people wouldn’t come across having to think of this. Thaw correctly and cook before using. Just like you would a fresh egg. 

I hope this helps you or your friends when needed! 

Take Care of You,

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