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Good Afternoon friends! How are you all? Great I hope. Happy Christmas Eve Eve ?

Today is my twins Birthday! They are 4 years old! I can not believe how fast those 4 years have gone. Their party is over and we are all having a little quiet time so I wanted to take this opportunity to send a message to you all before I get caught up in the festivities of Christmas and the next few days!

This year has been a big one for me and my family. Busy days, sleepless nights but many blessings. As you know, I suffer depression and I have struggled with it quite badly (and reasonably quietly) this year. Some days I feel like I am taking two steps forward and one step back – but the main thing is that I keep on going. Being a Mum of 4 and then trying to be a good wife and friend can make days busy enough but to fit in the business (and the overwhelming response to my NEW Lunch Box Solutions Book) can leave me mentally and physically drained most days. I have contemplated this year giving up my business but I honestly believe that I would be bored without it … and truly …  I love what I do (especially my days creating in the Kitchen) and I love the friendships and connections I continue to make.

Being a perfectionist doesn’t help matters much either and I get frustrated when I simply don’t have enough time to do what I want to do … like the 5 recipes I have sitting here I have created for you all for Christmas that I am just not going to get time to put on here until the New Year … I was going to blog one today for you but I decided what I am writing now is more important to be said and heard.

I, like all Australians (I am boldly assuming) have been deeply saddened by the recent events going on in the world. So close to home the recent siege in Sydney and Murders in Cairns. My heart feels like it is going to break even thinking about this and I am in no way connected, I only know these families from what I see on the TV. I can not even fathom the pain they are enduring. I have heard people on TV say ‘we need to move on’ or this ‘needs to not scare us’ … but I can’t imagine how easy that is going to be.

Last Friday I went to a small local shopping centre (where I don’t normally go to) with all 4 kids in tow. Whilst talking to a lady from the Cancer Council my twins decided they needed to go to the toilet … NOW … so I made a spilt second decision to send all 4 kids together (the older girls being 12 and 10) as it was only the next level up and I could see them the whole way. Something I have never done before. Less than 2 minutes later alarms starting going off over the entire centre and over the speaker “this is an evacuation, leave immediately” over and over and over again. I grabbed my handbag, left my trolley full of items and RAN … (those of you that know me, you know I don’t run!) … but seriously I could have broken any record as I flew through the shops and up the travelator … all the time in a panic thinking “I need to get to my kids” and Praying it was nothing serious…. I grabbed them as they were on the way back down the travelator, put on a brave face (the older girls looked terrified), grabbed the trolley and left. The sprinklers were on in the Carpark and we could smell gas. I came home, locked myself in my bathroom and cried hysterically whilst thanking God that we were ok. It might seem an overreaction I know .. but all I could think of was how quickly things could change. How a split second decision can change your life. How lucky we were. How stopping for a coffee with friends could turn so horribly tragic. Or how lonely and depressed you would be that you feel like there is no way out of life than to harm others and yourself. I cried on my bathroom floor not only as a release of the major panic I just went through and the relief I was feeling but for the pain of these ‘strangers’ not only here in Australia and over the entire world who were suffering. That night I gave my kids tighter cuddles and more kisses because I was there with them, hoping that by doing this, it would somehow ease some suffering in the world for those who don’t have loved ones to hold tight.

Today, I can say this with confidence. I love and am grateful for being exhausted because I have 4 kids, family, friends, a successful business, manageable depression and for the fact I put pressure on myself. I am grateful for the bags under my eyes when I am tired and the days where I can’t get out of my Pyjamas. I am grateful for the fact that we live in a great Country, despite tragedies from time to time. I am grateful for YOU and for your support.

So this Christmas Season I wish you love, strength, happiness and positive days.  Don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much you love them, hug your kids a little tighter, be thankful and listen … TRULY listen … when someone reaches out to you and says “I am having a bad day”. Take a moment to stop and breathe, be present with your family and friends when you are with them and be thankful for the little things in life.


Take Care of You,

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