The Shakti Acupressure Mat

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Good Morning friends! I hope this finds you all well! We are all well here. We are loving Tasmania! People told us that it was still cool in October but honestly I didn’t believe them all that much! It’s SO true though, we still have the fire going some days and every night!

I am over the moon to share with you my new favourite product today … and be sure to read all the way to the end as there is a GIVE-AWAY involved! YAY!

I came across ‘The Shakti Acupressure Mat’ on Facebook and it sparked my curiosity instantly. After doing a little research I bought one, fell in love and contacted the Company (two LOVELY guys Jonathan and George and their team) to see if we could collaborate and do a give-away for you guys! SO thrilled they said YES!

In all honesty though, falling in love with this mat wasn’t that simple and instant … but actually quite funny! When it first arrived, I pulled it out of the bag, by shoving my hand in the bag and was greeted with sharp spikes. NOW, researching the Mat, I knew there would be spikes but I didn’t expect them to be THAT sharp. I am not kidding, I threw the mat AND bag from where I was opening it from one side of my kitchen all the way across my dining room out of some kind of automatic reflex and reaction. I then laughed at myself for a while and was glad no one was watching!

After composing myself, I removed the mat from the bag more carefully, read over the instructions booklet and decided to give it a try. At first I couldn’t stand on it for more than 30 seconds – funny enough though, my hubby, who has sensitive feet, could stand on it for a full 5 minutes the first time. For my feet, I have gradually worked up to being able to stand on there for 3 minutes. The sensation and  ‘feelings’ in my feet and getting circulation moving after I get off the mat is the best feeling. It is like walking along the beach barefoot afterwards .. it’s bizarre, beautiful and relaxing … I love walking barefoot but here in Tassie it hasn’t been the weather to do it, so this gives me the same amazing feeling and I love it!

It really is ‘Happiness in a Bag’!

My favourite way to use this mat (and I now use it 1-2 times a day) is on my back and neck area. I roll a towel or blanket up to mould the shape of my back and neck and lay on it for 20 minutes. I do this topless or just my bra on (too much information?!) to get the best and direct impact on my skin rather than less impact through a shirt. At first I could only do it for 5 minutes but quite quickly I have worked up the the 20 minutes and it only takes about 2 minutes now before I start to truly relax. I suffer from depression and anxiety (both high functioning) and carry a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck area (plus I look down SO much because of all the computer work I do and all the cooking I do!) and so this mat has been the best thing for that tension. It has helped me more than I thought it would and I am seriously addicted to it. I generally lay on it once during the day and always every night, it is a great way for me to relax and unwind after busy and sometimes stressful days PLUS it forces me to STOP and switch off and simply be.

Take Care of You,

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