Sweet Potato Frittata

by Collette White | December 13, 2013

Good Morning! I hope this finds you well. I have a lovely recipe to share with you today…I find frittatas such a filling  and satisfying lunch and the kids love it so much too! Since creating this recipe we have had it twice for dinner also served with a side salad and the kids even had it for breakfast! I hope you love it as much as we do.


600g sweet potato – peeled and grated

6 eggs

2 x zucchini (approx. 300g) – grated and excess juice squeezed out

½ green apple – peeled and grated and excess juice squeezed out

½ bunch fresh chives – finely chopped

½ bunch fresh parsley – roughly shredded

pinch salt

¼ cup pepitas


Preheat oven to 200c and line a lasagne dish with baking paper.

Place the peeled and grated sweet potato into a medium bowl and cover with boiling water. Stand for 10 minutes then drain well.

In a large bowl place the 6 eggs and whisk well. Add the prepared sweet potato, zucchini, apple, chives, parsley and salt. Mix well.

Pour egg mixture into the lined lasagne dish and sprinkle evenly with pepitas. Cook for 30-35 minutes.

Serve as is or with a salad on the side or make it a little fancier by topping it with smoked salmon, feta or a dollop of homemade mayonnaise – YUM!



Wishing you a truly wonderful week ahead! I look forward to connecting with you more again soon.
Take Care of You,