Orange and Dark Chocolate Balls

by Collette White | August 13, 2016

Good Morning friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you all well.

Miss 12 & I were experimenting in the kitchen on the weekend. I love cooking with my kids. Especially when we have time and are not rushed! We made Carrot Cake from my Cookbook ‘Cut out the Crap’ & then we were going to make bliss balls and wondered what they would be like with carrot in them and from there we decided to have a play around! I love how ideas can just flow from random conversations and moments like these.

We ended up with these gorgeous orange, carrot & dark chocolate bliss balls! Of course, you can leave the dark chocolate off, or use chocolate of your choice, however, it does add a whole new scrumptious level to these bite sized treats! I hope you love them as much as my family!


1 cup walnuts (110g)

1 medium carrot – peeled and diced (110g)

1 cup desiccated coconut (90g)

10 Medjool Dates – seeds removed (140g)

4 drops of food grade Orange oil OR
Zest of ½ a large orange

pinch salt

100g dark chocolate (good quality and dairy free)


Place the walnuts and carrot into your food processor and blitz on high until a crumb is formed.

TMX: Speed 6 / 3 seconds

All the remaining ingredients EXCEPT for the orange oil OR zest and blitz again on high until thoroughly combined.

TMX: Speed 7 / 10 seconds

Scrape down the sides.

Add the orange oil OR zest and blitz again for 30 seconds.

TMX: Speed 5 / 6 seconds.

Roll into balls and freeze whilst you melt the dark chocolate.

Once the dark chocolate is melted, you can dip the balls into it, or use a spoon to wave / drizzle the dark chocolate over.

Freeze for ½ an hour before enjoying.


These can be stored in the fridge OR freezer.

Wishing you a truly wonderful week ahead! I look forward to connecting with you more again soon.
Take Care of You,