Frangipani Balls

by Collette White | May 5, 2015

Quite often I am being asked for a type of bliss ball without dates! So I had a play around with some gorgeous additive free dried pineapple I had. I know that pineapple like this is not always readily available at the Supermarkets but if you do see it I highly recommend you get it and give these a go … they are absolutley divine! I hope you love them as much as we do!


100g dried pineapple

1 cup raw cashews (140g)

1 ½ cups shredded coconut (110g)

1 tblspn fresh lime juice

2 tspns coconut oil (solid)

zest of ½ a lime (approx 1 heaped tspn)

pinch salt

½ cup desiccated coconut (optional)


Place the pineapple into a food processer and blitz on a high speed for 10-20 seconds.

TMX: Speed 6 for 5 seconds.

Add the remaining ingredients to the processor and blitz on high for approximately 2 minutes or until thoroughly combined and the mixture will stick together (scrape down sides 2-3 times during this process).

TMX: Speed 6 for 1 minute. Scrape down sides and then blitz for a further 30 seconds on Speed 8.

Roll tablespoon sized balls with the mixture then roll in (optional) coconut.

Refrigerate for ½ an hour before enjoying! (if you can wait this long).

Makes 18


* Be sure to check the ingredients for the pineapple and coconut to ensure it is additive free

* Swap dried pineapple for dried fruit of your choice

* Swap cashews for nuts of your choice (I would recommend Macadamias, Almonds or Brazil Nuts)

* If you have no allergies and are feeling a little naughty you could always add a few white choc chips into the mixture right at the end!

Wishing you a truly wonderful week ahead! I look forward to connecting with you more again soon.
Take Care of You,