Dalgona Coffee

by Collette White | 7 May, 2020

Good Afternoon friends, I hope this finds you all well! You have probably seen by now the ‘Dalgona Coffee’ craze going around social media – I have seen a few people make it but it was my teenage daughters that kept telling me they had seen it so we were keen to give it a try. I can not express exactly how frustrating this ‘simple’ coffee was at first or exactly how much (wayyyyy too much) coffee we used in experimenting. I kid you not when I say that we would have tried this at least 30 times trying to get it ‘right’ only to realise (((yes you can laugh at me))) that we were using the wrong kind of instant coffee. Because who knew there were different kinds. Instant coffee isn’t something I normally have (coffee snob here) but my Mum drinks it when she visits so I had a large jar from when she was here last. The coffee that we were using which I thought was ‘instant’, in fact was only part instant and part arabica beans ground up. Advice – make sure the coffee you buy is 100% instant – we ended up buying the cheapest supermarket one and it worked perfectly. After trying a few different ratios, this is my families favourite. I am popping it here for you all to enjoy if you love a coffee and for our safe keeping, because I really don’t want to go through ALL of that again if I forget ‘how’ to do it!


10g instant coffee *

50g white sugar *

80g cold water (from the fridge)

milk of choice to serve



Place all ingredients into your thermie machine – with the butterfly whisk attachment on

Whisk for 4 1/2 minutes / Speed 4

Place milk of choice in serving glasses and top with your fluffy dalgona mixture and enjoy


Place all ingredients into a large – medium bowl 

Beat, using electric hand whisk, until fluffy 

Place milk of choice in serving glasses and top with your fluffy dalgona mixture and enjoy 


  • serves 4-5
  • make sure the coffee is 100% instant coffee
  • we have successfully made this using all the way down to 10g of sugar – however it was most enjoyed and fluffiest at 20g+
  • we have only tried white and raw sugar (will update when we try rapadura or brown sugar)
  • add ice to your milk if you prefer
Wishing you a truly wonderful week ahead! I look forward to connecting with you more again soon.
Take Care of You,