by Collette White | 21 April, 2020

Good Morning friends! I hope this finds you all well. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen that over Easter hubby challenged me to make homemade ‘Filet-o-Fish’ one night for dinner – I love a cooking challenge! No food intolerances needed to be taken into account – it just had to be delicious! The kids have never had a shop bought version so they had nothing to compare it to, but hubby has and said it was a winner! YAY! It is not my traditional GF or DF recipes I know, but still, it is too good not to share it with you … for some reason this whole Corona-lockdown-lifestyle has me having a little fun and cooking some ‘different’ dinners to usual … maybe I am just heading to my ‘happy place’ to keep things as calm and relaxed here as possible? Either way, I look forward to sharing more with you! Keep well!


5 heaped tablespoons mayonnaise

10 slices bread and butter cucumbers – roughly diced

2 heaped tspns capers – roughly cut into 1/2s and 1/4s

½ tspn dijon mustard

3 cups rice puffs

2 eggs

good pinch salt and pepper

6 x pieces firm white fish

6 x brioche buns

6 x slices cheddar cheese


Sauce: In a small bowl place the mayonnaise, bread and butter cucumbers, capers and dijon mustard. Mix well and set aside.

Fish: Place the rice puffs in a blender or food processer and blitz quickly until a crumb consistency. Place in a medium – large bowl.

In a separate medium – large bowl, place the eggs, salt and pepper and whisk well with a fork.

Working with one piece of fish at a time, dip into egg mixture and then into rice puff mixture to form a thick crumb. Repeat until all fish is coated.

Heat some oil in a large frypan and cook fish until golden and thoroughly cooked.

Assemble: On each brioche bun place a slice of cheese, a piece of fish and a generous amount of sauce.



  • I was able to source brioche buns at a local grocer, whilst these are more ‘traditional’ to the fish burger, you can use bread rolls of choice
  • I used homemade mayonnaise but you can use a bought one if you prefer
  • The cheddar cheese I used in these burgers is just from the supermarket, pre-sliced and marked as cheese for burgers! Of course you can use any cheese you prefer but I chose this because of the ‘yellow’ colour and once again likeness to the fish burger I was trying to re-create
  • If you can only cook a couple of pieces of fish at a time, keep the cooked pieces of fish warm in the oven so they don’t go cold. To do this, I line a tray with baking paper, preheat oven to 100c and keep cooked fish warm in there
  • I used New Zealand Hoki for the fish as its firm, white and boneless
  • If you really wanted a quick cheats meal you can buy fish already crumbed and cook that!
Wishing you a truly wonderful week ahead! I look forward to connecting with you more again soon.
Take Care of You,