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For those of you have been around for a while you would have seen me share some stories and photos of my eldest girls doing their BJP Physie (dancing) competitions. Whilst ‘dancing’ doesn’t always come across as a high energy sport that makes you sweat, that is not always right! My girls train a few times a week for an hour each time and they sweat, get red faced and pretty much do an aerobic workout every time. It certainly keeps them fit! Competitions at the end of the year are frequent and can be exhausting on their bodies (and their minds) – so for me as their Mum, it is SUPER important that their eating habits are right all year round and even moreimportant that what they eat before and after they workout and compete is beneficial to their bodies to keep them healthy and happy on the inside and out … of course, for me, this all needs to be done without filling their bodies with harmful food additives!

I have asked my trusted Nutritionist & Naturopath friends Alisha and Gina for some expert tips on this topic for you too! Gina from ‘Nutrition by Gina Rose’  is a Clinical Nutritionist based in Brisbane, with a special interest in women’s health and infant nutrition. Gina has over 10 year experience in the health care industry and is a mother to 2 young children. Alisha from ‘Naughty Naturopath Mum’ is a Naturopath, blogger, Essence Practitioner and stay-at-home-mum to 2 little ones. Alisha loves the Australian Bush Flower Remedies, health, good food and balance.

This information is beneficial for anyone that works out, whether you are a fitness fanatic or only exercise from time to time, it is important to know how to look after your body properly!

Pre & Post workout foods – Naughty Naturopath Mum

It is even more important to have a healthy, nutrient packed diet if you do physical activity regularly because the body is using up more minerals and vitamins by powering the krebs cycle and maintaining good muscle, joint and cardiac health. Exercise is also fabulous for the immune system and actually boosts the production of red and white blood cells so creating an environment where the physical body’s needs are being met is paramount. Foods to eat before and after exercise need to have a good balance of protein, carbohydrates and essential fats while also being nutrient dense. Drinking plenty of filtered water is also important to keep the body hydrated which helps transport nutrients to where they need to go and of course will combat dehydration. The following snacks are foods that cover these requirements but aren’t too filling so you don’t feel unwell immediately before or after physical activity. ~ smoothies based on coconut water or milk with chia seeds, spinach, banana, coconut oil, good quality protein powder, raw cashews, frozen berries etc. ~ rice crackers or corn thins with avocado, tomato, cheese and a sprinkle of dulse flakes ~ trail mix of raw almonds, brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, pepitas, coconut flakes ~ apple slices with any type of nut butter ~ full fat yoghurt with berries, a sprinkle of seeds and a few chopped nuts ~ veggies sticks like cucumber, carrot, capsicum, snow peas etc. with guacamole or hummus ~ celery sticks with peanut butter

Pre & Post workout foods – Nutrition by Gina Rose

Good quality carbohydrates and protein are the best macronutrients for both pre and post training. The optimum time to eat a pre workout meal is one to two hours before you start your workout. This amount of time allows your body to store the energy you will need to push your muscles to their limits. Pre workout fuel: Chicken & salad wrap Root vegetable & feta omlette Lamb & salad sandwich (good quality bread) After working out, within the hour of finishing your body is the most responsive at absorbing carbohydrates and protein, so the best foods to fuel and support muscle recovery are foods high in these macronutrients. Protein is a mandatory component of your pre & post workout meal. It is the major building block of new muscles. Good sources are; eggs, chicken, grass fed beef, nuts, full fat greek yoghurt or a slice of cheese. Carbohydrates replenish the lost glycogen stores. Try adding some dried fruit to your post-workout fuel. Dried fruit is very high-glycemic, and while not ideal as a midday snack when sitting at your desk, it’s a great option after vigorous activity. Mixed with some nuts and seeds you have a great little post work out snack. Other great post work out snacks are: Medjool dates filled with almond butter, Apple and cheese, Banana & tahini on rice cakes, Baked sweet potato filled with cottage cheese.

How GREAT is this info! A massive thanks to Alisha and Gina for their expert advice as always! Please be sure to pop over and see all the other useful information, recipes and tips they have on their Facebook pages!

Naughty Naturopath Mum
Nutrition by Gina Rose

I hope you find this super helpful and get some great tips for next time you exercise!

I look forward to connecting more again soon!

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and safe Easter! Have fun!

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