Our move to Tasmania

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I feel like I can tell this story in my sleep. Back in February of this year when we started telling family and friends that we were going to be moving to Tasmania, of course, the number one question was WHY?

The majority of people were asking out of genuine curiosity & happiness for us. Others you could see the frown start, their nose scrunch up, their eye twitch as they confusingly asked WHY (aka WHY would you want to live THERE!) … these people always made me giggle as it reminded me how different we all are, how our journeys can be so extreme and how very certain I was that, yes, I wanted to move to Tasmania!

Almost 10 years ago we went to Tasmania for a long weekend. We jammed as much into the 4 days / 3 nights as we could. We stayed in Hobart, right near Salamanca Markets. The girls were only just 4 and 2 at the time! I fell in love. I loved how slow it was. I loved how we could be driving down the street and see Mountains and Farm life on one side of us and Water and Boats on the other. We went home and I was eager to pack and move straight away!

It’s moments like those though that I realize (now) how lucky I am to be married to a man who won’t always rush into things like me! YES, Josh loved Tasmania too but thought it would make much more sense to finish having our family (at that stage we wanted one more baby, little did we know we would have two!) whilst family were close to us and that we should work hard for a few more years to be able to move with less financial burden which would then allow us to live a more relaxed lifestyle. Smart guy that husband of mine!

If I had a dollar for every time over the next 10 years that I asked Josh ‘can we move now’ … and he said ‘not yet’… well, I would be rich. We also found a link during those years that pretty much every time I asked to move, I was in a not so great head space, and Josh continued to remind me that packing up and moving didn’t mean getting rid of my depression.

In January of this year I was hanging out with my 4 kids and a friend and we randomly started looking at Real Estate in Tasmania. For hours. Josh got home from work, asked what we were doing, I told him and asked ‘can we move now’ … and he replied with ‘maybe’.

He was doing the 5 hour round trip commute to work. He was hardly ever home in time to see the kids during the week. We had finished having a family. I was in a good head space. Tick. Tick. Tick.

That was it.

That was all I needed!

It all was a whirlwind from there. Our eldest daughter was the only one that wasn’t 100% keen to move (due to the love of her Sport that isn’t in TAS) but was happy enough to at least ‘look into it more’.

A fortnight later Josh, Miss 13, Miss 11 and I were on a plane to Tasmania looking at areas and seeing if we could ‘really’ live here.

We came home from that weekend keen to move but trying not to get too excited. It could take forever to find a job, sell the house etc etc.

The next month Josh had a job. I think his exact words after getting the phone call was ‘this shit just got real’. The whirlwind continued as we got some things done around the house and put the house on the Market.

Josh moved to Hobart the first week of April. The 4 kids and I stayed back in NSW to sell the house, pack the house etc.

The 4 kids and I left the Central Coast NSW on Sunday 22nd of May. I drove to Gundagai and we stayed the night. I drove the next day to Melbourne and that night we got on the Spirit of Tasmania. We arrived in TAS Tuesday 24/5. We drive straight to Joshs work and it was one big reunion. After just over 13 hours driving in 3 days plus a ROUGH boat trip I almost collapsed into his arms, so happy to see him after many weeks. We then stayed with Josh in his 1 bedroom apartment until we got the keys to our home on Friday 27/5. Those days were nice and relaxing, something I had not felt in a while.

Forgive me if this sounds unemotional. However, it is hard to express those weeks exactly. Pretty much everything that could go wrong did. The sale of the house almost fell through. I had best friends stop talking to me. I couldn’t sleep more than two hours a night and even sleeping tablets didn’t work. My body was exhausted from having to pack a house and business and still be a Mum. After the cooling off period was extended 4 times and a 7 day settlement (YES, 7 days), it all went through though and the kids and I were on our road trip to TAS … I can’t say I enjoyed the Boat trip at all (it was super rough) … however the road trip was fun and I loved every moment.

Josh bought us a home in TAS! The first time I saw it ‘in real life’ was the day before it settled. I don’t know who was more nervous, him or the Real Estate Agent! Ha Ha! I am grateful that it was just what Josh described to me, nothing fancy, it has space for chooks and a veg garden and a fireplace and nice kitchen … I love it. We have been in here almost 8 weeks and whilst in many ways I still feel like I am on holidays, it certainly is starting to feel like home.

The 3 younger kids settled instantly. We have almost 5 acres and every afternoon they run, run, climb trees and run some more. They then strip their muddy clothes at the front door, jump into the shower, have a hearty dinner and pass out at bedtime!

Miss (now) 14 has taken a little longer to settle in, which we expected at her age. Josh and I are aware of the extra TLC she needs due to her personality and Pyrolloes and keep on top of it, encouraging her and supporting her. It has been lovely to see her smile more the last fortnight or so!

We have enjoyed having visitors come already and love exploring new places with them plus showing them some of our favourite places too. We have been to Mount Wellington numerous times, have got wildly different weather each time but love it up there all the same.


I, especially, LOVE the fresh local produce that Tasmania has to offer and we can not wait to get our own chooks & vegetables growing. Our yard has loads of fruit trees and we have no idea what they are so we are keen to find out when they start to fruit again! YES, it’s cold (last week we even had SNOW in our yard – I don’t know who was more excited, me or the kids AND we had friends visiting from Sydney!) so I understand why many people wouldn’t like to live here, but, for us, we are content.

I hope this finds you all well and thank you as always for your continued support and for sharing our journey.

As you know, I love photos, so please don’t forget to pop over to INSTAGRAM to follow more of us ‘keeping it real’.

Take Care of You,

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