My liver can’t fit into it’s jeans ….

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It has been a while that I have written a personal post. I have been around, just a little quiet and guarded, as I have been unwell.

Last July you may have seen that I started GAPs (see my starting post here) and I have been meaning to update you since, but sadly I have to tell you I have been putting off this post until now as I might not say what you want to hear, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be me and sticking to my rule of keeping it real.

For many years I have suffered on and off with depression (see full blog post here) and unfortunately, soon after starting GAPs, my mental health went down hill again. The catch for me was though, my ‘gut’ health was getting better and I was feeling well physically, so I was torn as to which to address?

Stay on GAPs and have my mental health low OR go off GAPs and have my gut health bad again.

I chose option two. Simply because, for years, I have been trying to fix my gut, I was enjoying not being on the toilet all the time and I honestly thought I could see my Naturopath and fix my mental health. I thought it would be as simple as that.

That didn’t work.

My mental health got worse.

Everything I read with GAPs told me that this was ok and normal and sometimes you get worse before you get better, so I stuck it out.

It got worse again. I went to a Dr and was sent to a Psychiatrist.

I realized I made the wrong decision and started eating ‘normal’ (whatever that may be) but all that did was make my gut inflamed again and my mental health declined at a rapid and scary rate.

To make what could be a long story short, I was diagnosed bipolar and being suicidal at times, with my Psychiatrists advice, I recently spent some ‘mental health’ time off in the local Psychiatric Ward. Forgive me for not delving into this part of my journey more now but I promise you, I will share it with you at another stage. It’s still just a little raw but a part I needed to include in here.

Since leaving hospital I have found an amazing GP (thanks to a friend) who is thinking and working outside the square with me. Many many tests over the past week and I was told only yesterday I had ‘severe fatty liver’ …. my reaction WHAT!? HOW?! WHO!? But I eat so healthy! So off all sugars I go, whilst more tests happen and I wait for a Dietician appointment and I wrap my head around it all. I do have to say though, that as I type this and since my hospital visit, my mental health is stable (yes, it is still day by day but I am staying positive whilst I can).

The next chapter of my journey begins.

To those that continue to love, support and encourage me, my journey and my recipes, even when I am a little quiet, I deeply and whole heartedly thank you.

Take Care of You,

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