Miss 10s behaviour issues

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Good Afternoon friends! I hope this finds you all well!

Several times on Facebook I have touched on the health and behaviour issues we have gone through with our second daughter Miss 10, Teenie. After a big and emotional day yesterday I thought it was about time I shared it with you.

Just over 2 years ago in June 2012 I got teary with my sister and Mum one day telling them that I was exhausted by Teenies behaviour. She was angry and overly emotional all the time and I knew it wasn’t a normal part of her being a kid. My sister asked me what advice I would give to others and I instantly said “I would tell them try 100% additive free”. So this is what I did. We ate mostly additive free but were not strict about it, so I culled my pantry and decided to get strict and see if I could see a change. I did, within 5 days … you can read the full story about going additive free here.

Whilst additive free worked beautifully for a while I soon realised that something else was not right. I went with my ‘mothers instincts’ and cut out gluten (which saw an improvement) and then dairy (which saw NO change) and then lastly refined sugar (which saw an improvement).

Still something was not right. I don’t know how to explain this properly. This was not an ‘age’ thing and something she just ‘had to grow out of’ and she wasn’t just being naughty. She was angry, irrational and had excessive major highs and major lows.  Something as simple as asking her to tie her shoe lace of a morning could cause her to explode with anger and attempt to tackle me to the ground. Within seconds this anger would turn to tears of “I am sorry, I just don’t know why I feel this way” and not long after that she would start giggling (almost as if she was ‘high’) as she felt better. As I say, not a normal childs reaction. I couldn’t talk to her anymore as I was so scared I would ‘set her off’ it was just horrible. The difficult thing was most people didn’t see this side of her and I kept it to myself mostly as I just felt lost and confused and felt like I was failing as a mum. My GP agreed that something major was going on and after several tests wanted to trial some medications with her. I refused. He wasn’t surprised and encouraged me to go with my mother instincts.

Now, I know what I did from here might not suit everyone and I am not saying that this is what anyone or everyone should do. I am simply sharing HER journey for those that are interested in hearing it.

I did some research on words my GP threw at me and decided I wanted to find someone who did testing of what was going on inside her, like a live blood analysis and a hair analysis to test things like toxicity and I wanted to find someone that would treat it through diet and natural supplements. I found a local Naturopath and made an appointment.

After getting these test results back I was presented with a full folder of test results, descriptions, levels and an approximate 12 month detox plan – including all costs – IF I wanted to go ahead with it.

The results showed similar results of “Mild Schitzophrenia” which is also what the GP said. She was deficient in multiple things like Iodine, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and several others. She was also in the 95th percentile of Toxic Metals like Aliminium, Barium, Titanium, Mercury and several others. These results were WAY too high for her little body. It seemed through her results that her body wasn’t absorbing any of the goodness in the food too – after having a full hot breakfast and morning tea before her live blood analysis it actually looked like she had been fasting for over 24 hours.

There was something about it all that sat well with me and I had to try this before medicating her, hubby agreed. We spoke to Teenie about what it would be like and she agreed too.

Because of all of my allergies and our current additive free diet, her diet was not changed all that much. She had to continue to be Gluten free as well as refinded sugar free and she had to minimise grains as much as she could. It was from here I started learning all about fermented food and bone broth. She had to have bone broth several times a day for many months. She hardly ever complained. Within 2 weeks we saw changes – in her eyes, her skin, her hair and NO meltdowns.

Twelve months later, almost $2,000 later, STRICT eating, cooking pretty much everything from scratch and a lot of extra time and effort into this detox she is ‘finished’. We will go back in a few months for re-testing I can’t wait to see the changes in the results although her behaviour speaks for itself with results.

Teenie is now a different child. Don’t get me wrong, she is still a child – far from perfect and can be naughty and cheeky like every other 10 year old out there but the real her shines through now. She is fun loving, so very caring, sensitive (mostly in a good way) and the deepest thinker I have ever met. She is quirky and makes me laugh like no other person on this earth.

My eldest daughter, Miss 12, does Physical Culture and loves it. Teenie has never found a sport she loves. She tried Physie when she was just 5 but didn’t like it at all and turned her nose up at me every year when I asked her if she wanted to go back. This year I didn’t bother asking her and she asked me if she could try it again. Yesterday was her first competition for the year, for a mother with anxiety issues, I don’t handle these events as well as most other Mums. I just get so nervous and I know its silly. I don’t get nervous about their results as I know that is out of my control and I encourage them to always just do their best and make me and their loving teacher proud. I guess I get nervous for their ‘feelings’ and I am not even sure if I can express myself with that thought either. It is something that overwhelms me and isn’t the nicest feeling.

Teenie went on the floor yesterday full of excited nerves and she looked so very pretty! She did everything she was meant to do and tried her absolute best. She concentrated and she looked like she was loving every moment. I held my breath the entire time, had a few teary moments watching her and my chest hurt badly with my anxiety. I did not expect her to get a place being so new at it but she was presented with 5th and was so proud of herself. Her grin said it all! What a bonus for her!

When she came off the floor, I took her outside (where no one else was) to take some photos of her and I picked her up to cuddle her and congratulate her. I was carrying her and walking away and she asked me “why are we walking away” … I replied “because I can’t stop crying, I am so proud of you” … and then …..  I LOST it … nope, not just a few tears but I mean hysterical breakdown Mumma crying … on my 10 year old daughters shoulder and meanwhile she is kissing me over and over again saying “it’s OK Mum” ….

My tears were not about Physie. My tears were about HER and they were a long time coming. A kind friend pointed that out to me today. We have been on such a long journey with Teenie, so much heart ache and worry, confusion and people telling us we are doing the wrong thing, just let her be a kid and similar things. My tears were of happiness and joy and feeling so overwhelmingly in love with my daughter that I once couldn’t talk to.

I listened to my Mumma instincts and did what was right for my family and for Teenie and I will be forever grateful it worked. My fun loving and oh so crazy girl is back.

Wishing you love …. thank you for allowing me to share my journey.



Take Care of You,

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