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Good Afternoon friends! Happy Friday! I hope this finds you well!

I am super excited to be blogging today about a new passion of mine “Kombucha” and my journey so far making it and loving it!

Twelve months ago I am not sure if I even knew what Kombucha was …. 6 months ago I had my first attempt of making it and failed miserably finding it all yuck and moudly after a few days …. it all just seemed too hard and confusing and I couldn’t wrap my head around it so I left it again to try until around November and I have been in love with it and so intrigued by it ever since. If you follow me on Instagram you will see my super proud posts every 7-10 days showing off the growing Scoby and the Kombucha all bottled up!

So … Kombucha … what on earth is it ??????  The simple answer is this: Kombucha is a light effervesent fermented drink of sweetened black or green tea that is used as a functional food. (Thank you to Wikipedia for this!)

It is made by using tea, water, sugar and a Scoby.

Scoby … I hear you asking ‘NOW, what is THAT?!’ … once again thanks to my friends at Wikipedia : A Scoby is a Symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. 

My answer of what a Scoby is … well yes, I would have said (from hearing it many times) that it is bacteria and yeast … however I would possibly add, that it is a gross looking, slimy feeling, wobbly body of amazingness that is the necessary part of making Kombucha. Most people when seeing it for the first time (especially large scobies) freak out at how gross they look … but somehow that ‘Scoby’ that you start with for your fermenting (which is called the ‘Mother’ Scoby) becomes something Kombucha brewers get attached to and proud of as they grow so healthy and produce ‘babies’. I often feel like I am having a Science experiment in my Kitchen but with the bonus of health benefits! Thank goodness no explosions yet though.

Why drink Kombucha ????? My Naturopath encourages me and my entire family to eat and drink fermented food on a daily basis for our gut health and overall health. Immune building. Gut Healing. Detoxing. Energy. Vitamin B (which has many benefits e.g. stress relief and PMS relief). This is of course just to name a few things.

What does it taste like ???? Store bought Kombucha I have found super sweet with a light vinegar taste. I have noticed a difference in homemade Kombucha to this and I can only imagine that the store bought one has a fair bit more sugar to make it more Marketable. Homemade Kombucha taste like cold, sugared, tea with vinegar added. Not a great description I know but I am being honest! You can flavour it in the second ferment with raspberries, blueberries, oranges etc or a favourite of mine is adding fresh ginger. My friend Sarah from ‘Homemade Happy Healthy’ only this morning suggested to add a dried Vanilla pod into a bottle so I am super keen to try this. So many variations are available – it is just up to your taste buds and imagination. Only 2 of my 4 children like it (and I am continually experimenting with flavours) so for the ones that don’t like it, I add it to some fresh juice or other additive free juice to help them enjoy it more and therefore they can still get the benefits.

Please don’t let my description turn you off though – as Kombucha is so truly refreshing and it could all be in my mind but I can seriously hear my body thanking me as I drink it! Once you get use to the taste more often than not the people I have spoken to and shared with (including my 10 year old Niece) find themselves craving more. This is awesome! Listen to your body and enjoy it.

How do I start ??? You need a Scoby and a tried and tested recipe to follow. My friend Sarah from CLEVERCOOK was the one that got me going with a Scoby back in November and her recipe is the one I use and recommend: HERE IT IS!

As you would know from reading this, I am only new to Kombucha making too … I am far from an expert and I rely on other wonderful pages and books for their advice and opinions along the way. Once you get into the swing of making it, it really is such an easy process and to know that your health is better off for it, then that makes it a thousand times better! Don’t hesitate to ask questions along the way also … it really is worth it!

Until next time …

Take Care of You,

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