Happy New Year!

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Good Evening friends! I hope this finds you all well … I am not sure how many of you will actually get to read this tonight, given that it is New Years Eve but I wanted to pop by with a quick message for you all just the same!

My news feed on Facebook is covered with messages against New Years Resolutions. Whilst I would understand the messages of people saying ‘why wait’, if you are wanting to lose weight, get fit, start eating healthier or whatever your goal was if it were April or October etc but sometimes we ‘need’ a reason, a start date, a goal, a ready-set-go moment before venturing into that thing that you have been putting off … and seen as though it IS New Years Eve I am going to challenge you to GO FOR IT! Make the resolution. You don’t have to tell me. You don’t have to tell anyone (although it is nice to have support!) … Just know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. I encourage you all in 2015 to take a look at your health along with me … and by health I mean so much more than what you eat … although it is a good place to start!

Exercise Health – get off your butt and move more this year! In 12 months time you will be glad that you did!

Gut Health – prioritise good food, taking the time to make it and enjoy it and nourish your insides with crap free food!

Mental Health #1 – take some time out for YOU. Even if its 10 minutes a day. It is SO important. Do something that makes you smile. Meditate. Read a book. Lock the door and have 10 minute shower with some essential oils. Just do it!

Mental Health #2 – be positive. Focus on the good. Try to find a blessing in everything. Good things happen when you distance yourself from negative thoughts.

Relationship Health – don’t hold grudges. Watching the News will certainly show you that life is simply too short. Tell your loved ones just how much you love them. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Don’t go to bed fighting with your parter. Tell your kids daily not only how much you love them but how proud you are of them. Accept people are different. Relationships take work, take the time.

As for me I am charging into 2015 head on and I can not wait! Back in July I was admitted to Hospital and medicated for my mental health. It was a testing end of the year. Since then I have put on a massive 14kg which is 2 full dress sizes. On Boxing Day I went and bought a pile of new clothes in the sales because I was in denial hiding in flowy dresses. I joined a Gym a few days before Christmas which I have been a few times already and plan on going a few times a week, I have a plan with both my Dr and Naturopath to come off my medication. I have never been someone to judge on size as I truly believe we all need to feel comfortable in our own skin. For me though I am not happy being this size, as I feel less energetic and quite self concious and more than anything the fact that chemicals are making me be this way. So my New Years Resolution is to get off my meds, be fit, energetic, lose at least 10kg , be confidant and loving life as I should be … on top of that I plan to read more and who knows, maybe release another mini cookbook! I am prepared to throw it all out there as my resolution. Go on join me … live a little and let’s be excited about what is around the corner in 2015!

Please stay safe tonight! Don’t drink and drive!


Take Care of You,

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