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Good Afternoon friends, I hope this finds you well. Our eldest daughter turned 18 in June and despite ‘Covid-19’ altering her birthday plans drastically, we were so grateful to still be able to throw her a gathering, on a smaller scale, sticking to all ‘rules’ of course and having people coming and going over hours. Since posting about her birthday I am still getting regular messages about ‘how to’ put together a ‘grazing table’ and the common question is, ‘is it hard’?

Personally, I really enjoy putting together ‘grazing tables’ as I find them easy to shop for, only a little prep work with cutting things etc and easy to put together PLUS I think they are impressive to look at and of course super delicious and you are able to pretty much cater for any dietary requirements! We actually had a ‘grazing table’ for Christmas last year, just the 6 of us, it was wonderful!

I am, and pretty much always have been, an ‘over caterer’ … I would rather have leftovers for the next days lunches and dinner or send people home with containers of food, than people be hungry. So to know exactly how much to put on a grazing board I am completely ‘ok’ if I buy too much. Extra fruit, veg and cheese will always get eaten in my home and leftover crackers will just go into the pantry. Never any issue with that here.

What you see in the photo fed approximately 40 people that came and went over 6ish hours. Plus I was able to put together 8 lunch boxes for my kids and a couple of Miss 18s friends with leftovers which I thought was pretty good. I have written a list of what I bought.

For ‘sweets’ we had birthday cake and I put together a platter of chocolate and macarons that clearly I got a little carried away buying but, let’s be honest, there were no complaints with it!

I would love for you to tag me on Instagram when you make one! I love seeing your photos! 

  • cheeses (5)
  • dip (1)
  • quince paste (2)
  • crackers (8) various shapes & sizes 
  • pretzels sticks (1)
  • mixed nuts (1)
  • cold meat (I got 300g twiggy sticks, 4 large slices ham, 10 small slices roast beef, good handful shaved salami)
  • small smoked salmon 
  • cucumber (2)
  • capsicum (2)
  • carrot (8)
  • radish (1 bunch)
  • medjool dates (10)
  • pomegranate (1)
  • blueberries (1)
  • watermelon (small piece)
  • pineapple (half) 
  • orange (1) 
  • grapes (2 medium – large bunches) 
  • semi dried tomatoes (small container)
  • pickled onions (small jar)
  • dolmades (medium container)
  • baby octopus (medium container)
  • olives (large container) 


** put ‘wet’ things eg olives / dips into small bowls

** put 3 layers of paper – I use brown ‘butcher’ paper

** start by placing cheeses 

** next place crackers (not all packets – I started with 4)

** then work spaces & outwards from there 

Take Care of You,

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