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Good Afternoon friends! I hope this finds you all well and having a great week so far.

I was going to start off my blog today by apologising for being a little distant on my blog for the last week – with the excuse that I am ‘chasing’ my tail. You see, like many, I am doing my best to juggle full time Mum of 4 children and full time business owner (who works alone!).
Two days a week my twins are in Preschool which means I get 10 hours a week child free to be ‘head down and bum up’ working. Two weeks ago I put my neck out half an hour after dropping them off at Preschool which made me unable to move for those two intense work days and the week after I got a call to pick up Miss 3 after just 3 hours as she was unwell with a cough / cold and then the next day both of the twins didn’t go to preschool as they were both crook – so the there went another week / 10 hours!

When I have weeks like this it means that I then need to work some later nights once the kids are in bed – generally falling into bed past midnight, mentally exhausted. I realise though that there is no need for me to apologise for being distant because whilst “I” feel distant and don’t feel like I am giving as much to you as I would like, I know that my beautiful COTC friends are there in busy times, quiet times, good times and great times!

I am doing the best I can, one day at a time and reminding myself to be grateful for all I have.

Last month I was honoured enough to be invited to dinner with some amazing, inspiring and like minded Mums. My day started by driving to the home of Brenda Janschek, it is so strange meeting someone in ‘real’ life that you have only ever chatted to over the internet. Neither of us came up for air with conversation as we clicked instantly…and for those that are wondering (as I have actually had people ask me!) YES Brenda is just a beautiful in real life!

We then jumped in the car and headed to pick someone up from the side of the road … guess who!? All the way from far North Queensland, down in Sydney for the week was the inspiring Jo AKA ‘Quirky Jo’. Jo is just as relaxed, sweet and genuine as she comes across on her page. Once again I had only every chatted to Jo over the internet and on the phone once but we sure were not lost for words!

Off to the shops the 3 of us went to buy Jo a new outfit for her book launch, a spot of lunch, back to Brenda’s home to change then it was off to dinner with even more foodies!

Dinner was AMAZING. I sat there feeling so very blessed. Not only was the company GREAT but the service and food was unbelievable also. I can not wait to go back because YES they catered for me and all of my millions of intolerances (best to ring ahead of course!) …. a HUGE Thank you to Fouad and the gorgeous staff at Chicpea for having us! A table full of ‘foodies’ and food bloggers could have been intimidating to some but not to you!

Being surrounded by like minded Mummas who are juggling loads of things also inspired me, so when I have a day like today where I feel guilty or ‘slack’ as I feel myself flapping around in circles, I stop and remind myself that I am doing the best I can for today! I am reminded that I am not alone in feeling this way and that we are often our own worst enemies. Maybe this can be a gentle reminder to give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself you are ‘doing good’ or perhaps tell a friend that might be struggling the same thing …. try and make time for yourself in the business of life and don’t forget to get enough sleep (telling myself this also!) …. Big Hugs!

Take Care of You,

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