Good Afternoon friends! I hope this finds you well. As you probably know, I have four human babies – although no so much babies anymore, my older girls are going to be 18 and 16 next year and my youngest, who are twins, will be 9 next month! Last December we added to our family with a ‘fur-baby’ … my ‘Frenchie-baby’ Eilidh! She was one in October and I couldn’t let the day pass without having a little gathering for her. Lots of fun! At the time I posted what we did on social media and since then I have received a few messages asking for more info or to see the photos again etc, so I thought I would share it here. I hope for all the animal lovers out there that this makes you smile!

  • Fruit Salad AKA ‘Fruit Kibble’
  • Bread Sticks and Pocky Sticks AKA ‘Fetch Sticks’
  • Popcorn AKA ‘Pup-corn’
  • Potato Chips AKA ‘Paw-tato Chips’
  • Water with Lemon and Mint AKA ‘Garden Water’
  • Cupcakes AKA ‘Pup-cakes’
  • Sandwiches (cut with cookie cutter bone shaped) AKA ‘Bone-wiches’
  • Homemade dog friendly biscuits (coconut flour, pumpkin, egg, peanut butter) AKA ‘Yummy Bones’ 
Take Care of You,

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