DIY General Cleaner

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Good Morning friends, I hope this finds you well. A couple of weeks back I posted on Facebook how I clean my fruit and veg and since then I have had a few people ask me what I do for other cleaning products so I thought I would share some with you. For cleaning around my home I use one of two things 1) Enjo and / or 2) my homemade general cleaner – I have seen over the years a few different ‘recipes’ for general cleaner and I have adapted it and taken the bits I like to end up with this one …. I love it, it cleans beautifully and smells magnificent! I hope you love it as much as I do!

General Cleaner

500ml water (boiling)

¼ cup bicarb soda

1 litre water (room temperature)

1 cup white vinegar

¼ cup dishwashing liquid

1/8 cup ( or 30ml) eucalyptus oil

In a large bowl place the boiling water and bicarb soda to dissolve.

Add the remaining ingredients and stir well.

It is perfectly normal for it to FIZZ!

Allow the mixture to settle for 10 minutes before pouring into individual spray bottles and / or a large 2 litre bottle.
Note: you can add a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil or essential oil of your choice for added fragrance. I personally use approximately 5 drops if tea tree oil and lavender OR lemon OR lime.

As a bonus to the fact that I believe it cleans well and smells amazing, this general cleaner SAVES you money also! Here are my calculations for this 1 1/2 litre mix: (I have compared prices to those at a Supermarket)

Water =  $0

Bicarb = $0.26  (based on 1kg costing = $3.70)

Vinegar = $0.15 (based on 2 litres $1.18)

Eucalyptus oil = $1.40 (based on 100% Euc oil $4.62 100ml)

Dishwash liquid = $0.19 (based on average price and brand  at $0.50 for 100ml)

TOTAL: 1 1/2 litres = $2.00 which equals $0.13 per 100ml



Jif – $0.94 per 100ml (just over SEVEN times more expensive!)

Coles brand – $0.66 per 100ml

Earth Choice – $0.56 per 100ml

Ajax – $0.87 per 100ml

Wishing you all a wonderful week! Look forward to chatting more soon!

Take Care of You,

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