Good Morning! Happy Wednesday! I hope this finds you all well. I feel that some of you might be thinking ‘What on Earth are Fat Bombs?’ …. well I was introduced to them as another way to get HEALTHY Fats into my diet when I started GAPS. Basically it’s Honey and Coconut Oil. I took them one step further and added almonds and then took them a further step and added Dark Chocolate. My Oh My they are addictive …. but don’t take my word for it, do yourself a favour and try them yourself! Let me know how you go!

Dark Chocolate Fat Bombs

(gluten, dairy, preservative, egg, soy free)

100g dark chocolate

2 cups almonds (340g)

4 heaped tblspns coconut oil 75g

2 heaped tblspns honey 40g

Break up the dark chocolate into pieces approximately 2cm x 2cm.

Place all the ingredients into your food processor and blitz on medium – high speed until thoroughly combined. You will need to scrape down the sides 2-3 times during this process.

TMX: Speed 7 / 20 seconds then scrape sides. Speed 9 / 20 seconds then scrape sides. Speed 9 / 10 seconds.  

Roll into even sized balls OR if you don’t feel like rolling them, you can use a teaspoon to get out a heaped spoon full and use your thumb and pointer finger to squeeze them together (see photo for shapes).

Freeze for at least 1 hour before enjoying and keep stored in the fridge or freezer. We prefer them in the freezer here.

Notes and Tips:

  • We use Dairy free Dark Chocolate Buttons from a local shop to make these. Otherwise, Lindt 85% Dark Chocolate is dairy free. You can simply use chocolate of choice though depending on your allergies and intolerances.
  • You can use raw or roasted almonds, depending which flavour you prefer. Roasted almonds will provide a much ‘nuttier’ taste.
  • The coconut oil I used is soft but solid (not runny).
  • Don’t blame me if you can’t stop at eating only one!

I look forward to hearing from you once you have made these!

Take Care of You,

Collette x