Good Morning friends! Happy Monday! This week marks the ‘birthday’ of ‘Cut out the Crap’ – 9 years ago I received my first ever shipment of ‘Cut out the Crap’ Cookbooks. I recall the day so well. I paced the house waiting for the truck to turn up. Once it arrived I couldn’t rip into a box quick enough. I then spent the rest of the day sitting on the driveway pinching myself as friends came and went to buy a book and celebrate with me. I also recall all too well sipping sparkling apple juice in a Champagne glass as I was attempting to hide my 11 week pregnant belly with the twins! 
What a 9 years its been. I now have 5 books. 4 of them best sellers. Another 2 in the pipeline. I have a business that I love and that I am proud of and I have a community of pretty special and such supportive people. I’m so thankful. Truly truly thankful. 

****** From Monday 5th August  – midnight Thursday 8th August 2019 the original ‘Cut out the Crap’ Best selling Cookbook will be HALF PRICE … so only $15 (plus p&h)!

and ‘5 pack’ of Cut out the Crap Cookbooks will be $95 (plus p&h) instead of the RRP $140!

A little way for us to celebrate together!

Take Care of You,

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