My Belling Richmond Oven (aka Mabel)

by | Mar 27, 2018 | 0 comments

Good Afternoon, I hope this finds you well. The Winter weather is creeping in closer here in Tasmania and I am starting to make more Soups and Casseroles etc. I am having a day in the Kitchen today, I have a Chicken Casserole going in the Slow Cooker part of my oven, purely to keep in the freezer for a night I don’t want to cook!, I have a Frittata in one Oven compartment, Biscuits in another Oven compartment, a Beef Bone Broth cooking on the top and a Soup in my pressure Cooker! No I am not kidding! Believe it or not, all the prep has only taken me 1 1/2 ish hours ….. I think the washing up will be the worst!
I had a moment whilst everything was cooking away happily that I decided to jump on here and let you know how much I love my Oven, as I do get emails and Instagram enquiries about it regularly. Plus I wanted to show you this gorgeous photo of my son with the Oven that I finally managed to capture. I had been trying to get this photo for many mornings but kept missing it. Most mornings whilst waiting for his Sisters to get ready for School, he opens the oven like this and discusses what he would like cooking inside OR the whole oven becomes some other world based around Star Wars 😉

If all I have got cooking today isn’t proof enough that I love my oven, I thought I would give you a few other quick points about it that I love. # My hubby plays sport and is late home twice a week. On these nights especially I love the Slow Cooking feature. The kids and I can eat our dinner, his gets plated up and put in there and it’s the perfect temperature for when he gets home. # Hubby is my ‘meat cooker’ when we have BBQ and Salad etc. Not long after I got the Oven we tried cooking our meat on the ‘griddle’ and it cooked perfectly, it’s the only way that we cook it now. # Having a family of 6 who likes to have friends around often and regular visitors, it is clear to say that I love how much I can fit in the oven at the one time, Christmas was such a breeze last year when I could fit two whole roast chickens and 3 large trays of vegetables in all together. # I know so many people don’t get this, but I have to say it, she ‘Mabel’ is just so pretty! She is such the feature of my Kitchen and she makes cooking even more enjoyable than it already was for me.

Do you have a Belling Richmond Oven? I would love to hear why you love it also.


Take Care of You,

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