A random chat about GUT health!

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It’s always the way, I had so much planned & was so eager to tick things of my list (my 4 kids went back to school & that next week after school holidays or having guests here I always spend playing catch-up). I had a pretty early appointment out in the morning & when I got home less than 2 hours later I knew I was in for it. The give-away sign is when my stomach suddenly looks like that of a heavily pregnant person. This & the fact I was abnormally irritable (by abnormally I mean not hormonally) are my signs that my gut really isn’t happy. I then spent the majority of the day on the bathroom floor, on the loo, taking what I can & doing anything I can to ease the pain & to help me get through it all as quickly & calmly as possible. 

Here are some real life & random (not medical) facts that help me get through these angry gut moments OR that I try to remember OR that others may not be aware of if they don’t suffer from gut health issues OR that might help you:  

  • If I’m having a gut attack & I have plans – big or small –  I have to cancel them – it’s no use me stressing my body or mind & pushing myself into an impossible situation – once upon a time I’d push myself & go & for me, it’s not worth it 
  • Bad gut health can cause depression & anxiety – it’s a big circle – when my gut is bad, my mental health is noticeably worse & then I’m less likely to be able to be sociable – I need to be kind to myself first & foremost, real friends will get it even if they don’t completely understand it & they will wait for another time 
  • I try to remind myself to not feel guilty – because I always do – this is a tough one – a gentle reminder that I don’t want to feel this way (meaning I don’t want to be sick) helps a little with the guilt of feeling like you are always sick – it’s important to remind yourself of that as it can be harder for others to understand especially when it’s a constant battle 
  • Drink lots of water or herbal tea – I don’t always feel like it but it’s important to keep hydrated – I add a little honey to my tea if I’m starting to feel weak
  • Having gut health issues can cause social anxiety – if and when you can even manage to be sociable it’s understandable if you want to gather at home (comfort zone) but then remember you are the one left doing everything – so sometimes it’s ok to say no or ask for help 
  • People with gut issues will, when heading out, know all the bathroom stops from A – Z of their trip 
  • ^^ if I don’t, I won’t go 
  • I have a security bucket, towel, wipes & toilet paper in the boot of my car, I’ve never needed to use them but the fact that they are there eases my mind & I know I’m not the only one that has this security 
  • Just getting in a car can, most days, cause me anxiety & stomach cramps – once again the whole mind – gut connection doing it’s thing 
  • I can’t pop a pill to get over it 
  • I can’t imagine I’m not sick & get over it 
  • It doesn’t mean I’m not praying ‘right’ or ‘hard enough’ 
  • Whilst some things can help me a little (medical & not), it’s generally a matter of riding it out  as awful as it can be, fighting it doesn’t help in the slightest 
  • Because my body & mind is angry & irritable during these moments, I know I’m harder to love, however at these moments I need to be loved more 
  • At times I feel helpless & it’s a horrible & lonely feeling 
  • Laying on the floor under the running shower water can help cramps & pain slightly (if you have the energy) 
  • Continue to seek help until you get answers you are happy with – Dr or Natural – it’s not ‘normal’ to feel this way, so listen to your body & honour your body by seeking proper help – years later and I am still seeking help 
  • Remember that no two people are the same so what might work for one person might not work for another – once again, listen to your body & gut 
  • Love yourself a little harder when your body / mind is struggling, it’s needed 
Take Care of You,

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