About ‘Cut out the Crap for Kids’ Cookbook

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About ‘Cut out the Crap for Kids’ Cookbook

booksforkidsSince writing and self publishing my first recipe book “Cut out the Crap” in July 2010 my life has become remarkably busy and rewarding. I am super proud to say that I have now sold over 5,000 copies of my book via my website, bookstores and independent outlets.

I am constantly overwhelmed with the emails and Facebook messages from “random strangers” thanking me for my book, for me taking the time to create these recipes and sharing my story, for inspiring them to cook, for opening their eyes to a world full of tasty and healthy meals that “anyone” can cook and enjoy. These messages are not only from people with intolerances or allergies but quite excitingly they are often from people that can eat anything, yet they make the choice to eat the recipes from my book. These “random strangers” are becoming my friends and I enjoy chatting with them as they are a source of inspiration to me.

Two days before Christmas 2010 Josh and I welcomed the early but safe arrival of our twins into the world. They were the best Christmas present we could have ever asked for. Whilst quickly adjusting to the hectic lifestyle and changes a family of 6 brings, I continue to enjoy running my business from home and I have surprised myself by finding the time, whilst being a full-time mum, to create the recipes, take the photos and self publish this second book. It has been hectic, fun, challenging, inspiring, exhausting and thrilling all at the same time.

I had a different idea for my second book but it has been popped aside for the moment. Everything seemed to be pointing in this direction when the number one question I was asked at all the fairs I went to last year was “are these recipes kid friendly as my son/daughter has allergies”
Whilst my answer is a definite yes, I do understand that some children are not adventurous with food, some need vegies hidden, and some parents are constantly looking for inspiration for their children’s daily meals, snacks, lunch boxes and treats. I came to realize that there were still so many exciting recipes and ideas that I could offer in Gluten, Dairy and Preservative Free that would not only keep mum and dad happy but impress the fussiest of little eaters.

The recipes in this book were especially made and created with love for those special little blessings in your life. I truly hope you all enjoy them.

take care of you,